August 2014

Save Time In The Kitchen, Gain Time For Yourself

Save Time In The Kitchen, Gain Time For Yourself By Brad Young   What would you say is one of the most asked questions in your home?  I know in our home it’s always “What’s for dinner tonight?”  Do you ever find yourself trying to plan meals around your other events in life that keep […]

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Flip The Switch!

When it comes to blenders I always believed a blender is just a blender.  They are all the same, right?  We love making things in the blender in our home, whether it’s smoothies for breakfast, dressings or sauces for dinner, and of course milkshakes for snacks.  If you can make something for a meal and […]

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Fast Meals For Increase Weight Loss. Spend Less Time in the Kitchen!

Many people these days are “jumping aboard” on the low carb diets.  For good reason too, it has been proven as a great way to lose weight.  But some people are still afraid of them, or just don’t want to do them due to the foods you have to avoid.  Many of which we use […]

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