About Us

1467404_10203200748922930_1528170516206671097_nBrad & I have been married now for 18 years and have two wonderful daughters, one 12 and the other 13, almost twins but not quite.  When they were younger a lot of people thought they were twins.  We have had our trials along the way but we definitely feel that they have made us stronger not just as a couple, but also as a family.  We have always been there though to lean on each other and support each other to get through the tough times.  The result of those times, we are a close knit family that truly enjoys and cherishes the quality family time we get together.

There was a time though that we were not that “tight knit” family that at least my husband has always wanted.  Brad & I were more like roommates than husband and wife.  We were both working nights and on opposite schedules.  We were grumpy with each other and also towards  our children.  On the rare occasion that we did get to spend time together we always told each other that there has to be more to life than this, we just knew it.  We searched high and low for different ideas and finally decided to have Brad switch jobs, to at least give us more family time because we were beginning to feel as we didn’t even know each other anymore and were missing our girls growing up in a family that got to see mommy and daddy spending time as a whole family together, instead of just one of us there at a time.

We had enough and realized that our regular “jobs” just were not going to cut it in giving us the life we truly desired.  Sure Brad was no longer working nights, and that gave us more time together, but we still felt like we were passing each other by on the way out the door.  Although it had improved, it still wasn’t where we thought we would be.  So we looked outside the typical realm of work and found a business we could build from home.  Not just any business though, we wanted something that could help people not just financially but also with their health too.  We wanted to find a way to get more time together, quality time, and also to show others how they can have that time with THEIR children too, and not miss anything, because we all know, kids grow up way too fast.

So, I am honored to help you, to coach you, and to lead you to the life you have always wanted.  Whether it be financially, or for health reasons, I will provide you with the tools you need to succeed, all you have to do is put in your part and be willing to put in some work as well.  This is not an overnight success tool, but it is a way to lead you to the life you have always desired.