Kids Corner

Grab A Seat & Dig In!

Grab A Seat & Dig In! by: Amanda Young The best dinners are the ones with lively conversations. Different perspectives make the meal better and enjoyable.  The ones I remember the most growing up as a kid were sitting around the kitchen table and eating dinner or late snacks together with family and friends. When […]

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Are You Still Dating?

Are You Still Dating? By: Brad Young Have you ever noticed it seems that things that are new are more exciting than things that are old?  I think this could ring true with many different things in our lives.  How about the smell of a brand new car, the look of a new table and chairs […]

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DIY: Face & Body Paint That Kids Love

  DIY: Face & Body Paint That Kids Love by Amanda Young Kids love to paint. Here is a great and safe way for them to bring their creativity to the table. Ingredients: Your favorite body lotion Cornstarch 1/4 teaspoon oil Natural food coloring or homemade dyes in desired colors Instructions: One small bowl for […]

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