Detox Drink

by Amanda Young on February 7, 2017

IMG_3765Detox Water


10 oz. of purified water

3 Slices of cucumber

1/2 inch of fresh ginger (peeled)

Few ice cubes (optional)

The cucumbers flushes toxins out of the body and aids in weight loss. Ginger aids in helping with the digestion. Refreshing!





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Amanda Young

Amanda Young is a RN (17 years) who has a love for health, fitness, and freedom. She loves to share her tips on inspiration with others and this is why she started Young Healthy Kitchen with her husband Brad. When we found out our daughter had severe allergies to a variety of different types of food we had to change the way we made meals and what we ate all together. To our surprise the food we started making tasted much better and was healthier too. On our journey we also found many ways to save on our food budget. It has become our passion to motivate others on how they can achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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