Encouragement Can Goes A Long Way!

by Amanda Young on May 17, 2016


Encouragement Goes A Long Way!

by: Amanda Young

How do you get your kids motivated to clean their room? How do you get them motivated to do their homework? Do ever feel like a referee? Have you felt like you are just barking orders at your kids and they ignore everything you are saying? Well grooming kids to be motivated to chorus, homework, and work together as a team in the family is a skill that can be taught.  One key factor that drives people is encouragement no matter what age. Most people love encouragement. They like to hear that they did a great job no matter what personality they are or how old they are. Well kids are the same way. When you keep telling them what to do, they start ignoring your words. Sometimes you can just push them away. One thing that I have found in my years of raising our kids is to motivate them with encouragement. Encouraging them when they have cleaned up their room even if it’s not exactly perfect. But they attempted to get things cleaned up and organized. The more you encourage your kids on doing a good job, they are more likely to do it better next time. Kids love high fives for a job that they have completed.

Another way to really get your kids motivated is my telling other family members in the house what the other kid did that day. For instance, if you and your family are eating dinner together this is a perfect time.  So say that your kid swept the entire house that day, you say to everyone at the  dinner table, “Guess what Sally did today! She swept the entire house. I am so proud of her. She did a great job!” Others at the table start chime in about how great the house looks. Now Sally feels important and special. Everyone wants to feel important, it is in our human nature. So when you give your kids kudos and recognition in front of other siblings and spouse, I can almost guarantee that Sally will give her best next time too!

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