How To Teach Your Kids To Overcome FEAR!

by Amanda Young on May 7, 2016


How To Teach Your Kids To Overcome FEAR!

by Amanda Young

What do you do with your kids when they are afraid of the dark? Afraid of talking to new kids? Afraid of taking a risk?  We all have fears at times in our lives.  Fear can actually paralyze you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Fear will lead to inactivity. You miss so much in life with fear strangling you by the neck. Faith without action is dead. If you are afraid, it will leak into other areas of your life. So how do you teach your kids to be over comers?  Because they will face fears through their lives. How do you equip them with the tools for them to face those giants of fear?

The other day, we went to the beach and there was this hot pink raft next to the booth where you can rent wave runners and paddle boards. There were 3 guys working at the booth. My daughter looks at me and says, “mom, will you ask if we can have that raft?” I looked at her and said you ask. She starts to say I’m scared, those guys might take me. I am scared to talk to them. It became 5 minutes of  “I’m afraid excuses.” We put our chairs and stuff up. We took a walk on the beach for about 10 minutes,  the whole time we were still talking about this pink raft. She was so afraid. I decided this is  great lesson for her to learn how to walk  through the fear. As we were walking, I told her that fear will stop you.  You are missing opportunity right now. Who knows what is on the other side of fear. Maybe there is a big blessing. Most people miss great opportunities in life because they let fear lead their life, instead of them leading their own destiny. My oldest daughter said I’m  not scared, I’m going to ask. The other kid got mad. She said I’m saw it first. So we went back to our chairs except her. She went straight to those guys with a smile.  She asked if that hot pink raft was anyone’s. They said no you can have it. She goes into the ocean and guess what, all of a sudden there are all these dolphins. She spent the next 2 hours swimming with the dolphins. She comes back to where we are at and said that was so much fun. I told her if  you didn’t walk through the fear, you would of missed the blessings. Fear will come up again. You will have to fight it again and again. So what is stopping you?

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