Is There Peace In Your Home?

by Amanda Young on March 21, 2016

Is There Peace In Your Home?

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This may or may not be new information for you. This article will challenge your overall goals as a parent. Have you ever felt like your kids were out of control? Is your home in chaos? Your teens are not talking to you?  You aren’t alone. Many parents feel this way at one time or another. The biggest problem is disconnection, as a parent we need a solution to this problem before we can start looking for solutions of other issues that are going on in the home. In the homes today, more then ever before, there is a lack of disconnection. There is a lack in communication. The kids are coming home from school, they get on their phones, Ipads, computers, or video games and play on them for hours. Have you ever noticed how empty the streets are in the neighborhoods? On top of this parents are on their phones also. We went to dinner the other night and guess what?, at the table next to us, there was a family of 5 and no one talked to each other. They were all on their phones or Ipads. This is happening more and more as the years go by.

Here are 2 tips to start getting control and removing the chaos out of the home:

1. The first step is as a parent is to apologize. I know that may hurt and you may not want to hear the truth. This has played a huge impact when we were starting to get our family back in order. It’s to ask for forgiveness.  Ask your kid to forgive you, whether it is for being a controlling parent, disrespectful, or your aren’t paying attention at all to them. What ever you are doing to block the communication between you and your kid.  Tell them that you are working on changing and it will be different in the home.  Once you  say this you must take action to do it also. Tell them you will still be making mistakes at times. This will probably scare the crap out of  them if they are teenagers.

2. The second step is to get to the heart of the matter. Tell your kids that you love them and that you have always loved them. Your kids are human and humans want to feel loved and appreciated. The bottom line is to show your kids that you do love them because love never fails.

I would love to know how you apply this to your life. Please leave your comments! I read every one, and I can’t wait to read yours!

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