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by Amanda Young on April 2, 2016

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There is so much focus on body image today. It is not surprising that children are starting to look at their self images at earlier ages. Children start seeing body images through cartoon characters, T.V., social media, and on the internet. They are getting exposed everyday in some way. Children as young as 5 years of age are asking parents about their bodies. As adults we were exposed too body images, just in different ways because of technology. I can still remember very well kids making fun of other children about their body images. While I never joined in it, I was on their other side, so I know how it feels. While mine was weight related, it still hurts. Many adults actually still hurt from those moments years ago and still carry those hurts around. It’s more prevalent in our schools today.

So, what do you say to your child when they ask you if you think they are overweight, fat, too skinny, big nose, or whatever words that were used by another child that is taunting them. It is hard to hear however you will need to explain to your child that everyone is different. Your child sees what you do. Your child’s self image comes from you also. For example, if they see you work out 3 hours a day and all you do is complain about your weight, your child see this, and they pick up on it quickly. This is not healthy on their self image. So whatever you do in excess will negatively impact your child. So make sure you are teaching your child a healthy self image. Teach your child wisdom, that they are unique, and love themselves the way they are made. As a parent, our job is to teach them not to please man. So pay attention to the signs of embarrassment towards their bodies. If you see this behavior, sit them down and have a heart to heart talk with them. Search this out now so they don’t grow up as adults with unhealthy self images. Educate your child to accept themselves and embrace their uniqueness. Teach them to not have their identity be rooted into someones else clothing, makeup, hairstyles, and friends. When we don’t teach kids these valuable lessons, they will walk in fear of rejection. Keeping your child out of the bad self image traps will help them become adults with positive self image.

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