The I Can’t Do It Card

by Amanda Young on April 20, 2016

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Have you ever heard your kids saying “mom I can’t tie my shoes” or “dad I need a fork and you just sat down for dinner”? When you know that they can and you have seen them do it on top of it. Do you hear it all the time? Have you gotten frustrated maybe even annoyed over it? Well you aren’t alone, every family goes through it at times. One thing to look at is your kid doing it daily or not. It they are doing it daily it’s time to put a stop to it and change the behavior. It is not healthy for kids to continue with this behavior because it leads to unrealistic expectations. It is also frustrating as a parent. There is nothing wrong with helping your kid. However if they behave with the  I can’t do it card, it’s a manipulating behavior and it will seep into their adulthood.

One way to gauge if they are playing this I can’t do it card or not is to look and assess if you are getting frustrated or annoyed in that moment. This gut like feeling is one way of telling yourself not to give in to your kids demands. So what do you do?

Here are 2 tips to help you with this I can’t do it card: I have used these with toddlers to teens.

1.  Take time to teach your kid the task. For instance, if it is to get their back pack ready for school the next day you can teach them step by step on how to pack it. Then you have your child role play it back to you. Some tasks may take several times to teach. So give yourself grace and patients.

2. Instill belief into them. For example, lets go back to the back pack example. Once your kid has accomplished the task make a big deal about it. You can say something like, ” You are growing  up and I knew you could pack your own bag  for the next day. Look you did an awesome job and give me a high 5.” Be enthusiastic about it. Kids love kudos.

Will your kid pull the I can’t do it card again. Most likely, yes. However, if you stay consistent, it will get less and less. Your kids will gain confidence and you will empower them to manage their own tasks at the same time. It’s a win win.

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Happy Parenting!

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Amanda Young

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