What Is Your Vision!

by Amanda Young on April 16, 2016

Kids playing with plastic tableware

What is your vision?

Have you ever felt like how am I ever going to get these kids to listen? How am I going to raise them up for success? Sometimes I feel like they are in control, and some days blend in to each other. It gets crazy. Your house is a mess and the kids are fighting. You  feel like you’re a referee. One of your kids put a whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet and it’s clogged and running over. You feel like the plumber. The eggs are burning and the coffee maker won’t work. You go to the store and your kids are dressed in their hero costumes because that is the only thing you both can agree on. There is finger prints all over and you haven’t taken a shower yet for the day and it’s 6 o’clock in the evening. You go to bed and you feel like what happen today,  it was a crazy day and nothing went as planned. You go to bed feeling like you were in a boxing match, ready to go for the next round tomorrow. 

Raising kids is the most challenging and exciting thing in your life.  You have ups and downs and sometimes it’s all in one day. So how do you raise your kids for success with your values instead of society’s standards? How can you raise kids with all the chaos that can surround you? What I have learned over the years is you need to paint the vision for your kids. You need to set what your values are for them. Once you can establish that, then you can use that to help you through your day, good days and bad days.  It will help you make decisions and what the right path is for your kids. Because if you don’t take control, someone else will. We live in a world that has so much messaging that it can lead you into a different direction to raise your kids  and it’s a direction that is not good for them or your family. 

So set the vision on how you want to raise your kids, not what others or society says how to raise them. You set the values for your family and live by them. When you have set backs, which you will, get back up and dust it off.  Get back on track.

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Amanda Young

Amanda Young is a RN (17 years) who has a love for health, fitness, and freedom. She loves to share her tips on inspiration with others and this is why she started Young Healthy Kitchen with her husband Brad. When we found out our daughter had severe allergies to a variety of different types of food we had to change the way we made meals and what we ate all together. To our surprise the food we started making tasted much better and was healthier too. On our journey we also found many ways to save on our food budget. It has become our passion to motivate others on how they can achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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