Do you set goals…..

by Amanda Young on March 31, 2015

Hispanic Woman Writes Her Goals

Do you set goals…..

By: Amanda Young

Do you set goals in your life?  Not necessarily New Years Resolution, but serious goals.  Things you want to achieve and complete in your life, something to strive for.  How often do you challenge yourself, to push yourself to go just a little farther than usual.  You have to have a plan with your goal though, because a goal without a plan is just a wish.

We as a family set goals every year for ourselves, and each other.  We sit down together at the beginning of the year and map out what we want to do that year.  Whether it is places we want to visit, things we want to accomplish, or maybe even just things we want to improve on.  We actually look forward to it each year, and at the same time we go over our last years goals to see how many we accomplished and where we could have improved.  It is a great time to “push” ourselves to dream bigger, go for more, and not just settle for the same old stuff.  Push your imagination to the limit, see what you come up with.  Remember this, goals are like dreams with a deadline.

So do just that too.  Put a deadline on your dreams as well.  Now, don’t think of it as setting yourself up for failure, think of it as a timeframe to accomplish something.  If you don’t put a deadline on it then you will likely never finish it.  So tell yourself you will go to the beach, and you will do it by the end of June.  Now you have a deadline, so next you just need to set a plan in action.  Figure out how you will save the money, get time off work, and what beach and how you will get there.  Remember, no goal can become dynamic until it first becomes specific. 

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Amanda Young

Amanda Young is a RN (17 years) who has a love for health, fitness, and freedom. She loves to share her tips on inspiration with others and this is why she started Young Healthy Kitchen with her husband Brad. When we found out our daughter had severe allergies to a variety of different types of food we had to change the way we made meals and what we ate all together. To our surprise the food we started making tasted much better and was healthier too. On our journey we also found many ways to save on our food budget. It has become our passion to motivate others on how they can achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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