Use your time wisely!

by Amanda Young on March 11, 2015

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Use your time wisely!

By: Amanda Young

What do you do with your time?  More importantly, what do you do with your spare time?  I know, you are saying “but my day is so busy with work, the kids, and chores, I don’t have any spare time.”  I bet though if you sat down and truly evaluated your day, you would have more “spare time” than you think you do.  What you do with that spare time is what we need to focus on.

Do you have a long commute to work?  If so, do you live someplace that you sit in traffic?  Well, sitting in traffic, or even a long drive to work, could be considered spare time.  Stay with me here, because what we do with our spare time is important, and if you spend that time in traffic or the long drive complaining to yourself about how bad the traffic is or how long your drive is why not turn it into something positive?  Listen to a motivational CD in your car during that time, or something inspirational that will lift you up.  What we feed our mind is what we become.  So, during this time, which you could call spare time, why not feed your brain with positive thoughts?

Even at home, while doing laundry or cooking dinner, have something positive and uplifting playing in the background.  You might even begin to look forward to doing “the chores” because you know it is one time during the day when you actually get to have positive thoughts and feelings feeding into you instead of all the negativity in the world today.  Too many people are walking around complaining about their life, day in and day out, not realizing they are creating their own environment.  Like I said earlier, what we feed our brain is what we become, so lets make it a life with purpose and passion instead of guilt and pity.  Just do it for thirty days and see how much better your feel, I bet you will be amazed at the results.

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Amanda Young

Amanda Young is a RN (17 years) who has a love for health, fitness, and freedom. She loves to share her tips on inspiration with others and this is why she started Young Healthy Kitchen with her husband Brad. When we found out our daughter had severe allergies to a variety of different types of food we had to change the way we made meals and what we ate all together. To our surprise the food we started making tasted much better and was healthier too. On our journey we also found many ways to save on our food budget. It has become our passion to motivate others on how they can achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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